Most insurance providers cover the cost of medical wigs and post-mastectomy essentials for cancer patients.
Now accepting Aetna, Cigna, Tricare, and ChampVA

At TRS, we believe true healing begins with holistic care of an individual. A holistic health approach means treating the whole you and providing support for your physical, mental, and social needs. We believe all of these aspects affect your overall health and being unwell in any one of these areas affects you in the others. Which is why, along with our community health clinic where we provide physical and mental health counseling, we initiated an online community for cancer patients, TRS Care

A cancer diagnosis can change you in multiple ways, physical and emotional. And healing takes time. We believe part of the healing process is learning to feel comfortable – and even learning to love – yourself and your new body. At TRS Care, we help our cancer patients feel comfortable in their new body by helping them qualify for medical wigs and post-mastectomy recovery wear through their insurance.

We work directly with insurance providers to verify your eligibility, get coverage amount, and file claims on your behalf at NO cost to you. We will also help you obtain a prescription from your physician if you don’t already have one. 

You may fill out our Qualify Through Insurance Form to get started.

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