TRS Health was founded in 2018 by a team of like-minded individuals with one goal in mind: to improve the health of the community using a holistic approach to healthcare. We are a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds who unite under one common goal. We recognize that in Texas and around the United States, the challenges of rising healthcare costs, growing numbers of uninsured and underinsured, and worsening mental and physical health epidemics like diabetes, obesity, addiction, and mental illness need to be addressed using our collective creativity and passion.

TRS Health was founded as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) entity, to provide healthcare to the uninsured and underinsured across the Greater Houston area. As compassionate medical practitioners, we believe true healing begins with holistic care of an individual/oneself. In other words, not just healing bodies, but healing minds and souls as well. This is healing at its core.

The “TRS” in the name of our organization stands for “the rising sun.” Our logo resembles the sun at dawn. This image represents us as the rising sun is a sign of hope guiding people to new beginnings.

By drawing together and working toward this ambitious goal — providing accessible healthcare to the uninsured and underinsured in Greater Houston — we believe we can achieve a healthier Houston.

Our ultimate goal is to further the progress of the broader, nationwide community health movement. We are working together in a spirit of optimism and ambition to tackle larger-than-life goals, challenging the social determinants of health.

If you share the same ambition and desire to make quality holistic health care accessible, we invite you to join us! Volunteer, donate, or talk to us about how you can further this shared vision.



The mission of TRS Health is to provide nonprofit, holistic healthcare services to underserved populations throughout Greater Houston. We accomplish this by bringing together medical and non-medical professionals from diverse backgrounds to offer free and/or low-cost comprehensive healthcare services. We operate a comprehensive primary health clinic and incorporate mental health services as well. Eventually, we plan to add substance abuse services as well. Our services are offered at our Stafford-based community clinic and also at community health fairs and events.. By drawing together to work toward the ambitious goal of holistic healing for all, we believe anything is possible.


The vision of TRS Health focuses on a healthier Houston where anyone/everyone can access quality comprehensive healthcare services. We envision a community unified in the spirit of humanity and shares the goal of enhancing human lives to build a healthier society.


At TRS Health, we share five fundamental, guiding principles that shape our behavior as an organization. These core values are unity, justice, compassion, leadership, and accountability.

  • Unity: Rising mental and physical health problems can be tackled when communities unite to create and apply creative solutions.
  • Justice: It is possible to achieve a just and humane society where every person can lead a healthy and balanced life.
  • Compassion: Everyone should have access to quality holistic healthcare services, regardless of income level, religion or background.
  • Leadership: Lasting change occurs when the leaders in the community step up with guidance, implementing comprehensive solutions that can enhance lives and in turn a healthier society.
  • Accountability: A system functions optimally when the people within them are accountable to one another. This is especially true within the healthcare industry, where transparency and accountability are critical.


Help us bring healthcare services to underserved populations throughout Greater Houston.
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