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Minor Injuries Care in Houston, TX

You never know when a minor injury is going to occur. Minor injuries are bound to take place during a person’s day-to-day life. While these injuries may not warrant a trip to the ER, getting treatment for minor injuries is still important to promote proper healing. Our physicians here at TRS Health are able to treat various minor injuries right here in office.

There are a diversity of minor injuries that a person may encounter throughout their life, including superficial scrapes and burns, insect or animal bites, cuts that may require stitches, bruises, sprains and strains. Here at TRS Health, doctors have the training and supplies to treat these issues in a timely manner. Treatment for minor injuries can vastly improve the chances of proper healing without the risk of infection, which can turn a minor injury into something major.

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Minor Injury Treatments We Offer


Lacerations occur when soft body tissues, like skin, become torn. Lacerations are most commonly caused by sharp objects, such as glass or metal. These injuries are often contaminated by the presence of bacteria or debris, which can cause infection, so getting treatment for these injuries is important.


When the surface of the skin has been broken, as with a scrape or scratch, we call it an abrasion. Abrasions are commonly found on the more bony parts of the body (knees, elbows, etc.) after a person has tripped or fallen. Dirt and bacteria from the fall can become trapped within the abrasion, and can cause infection if not properly cleaned and bandaged.

Infectious Wounds

If a wound, such as a cut or scrape, is not properly cleaned, infection can take place. Bacteria from whatever caused the wound can invade the surrounding tissue, which triggers the body’s immune response. This can cause inflammation of the injury, tissue damage, and a reduced rate of healing.


The stretching or tearing of a ligament is known as a sprain or strain. Ligaments are the tissue that connect bones together at your joints. Sprains and strains are most commonly reported in the ankles and wrists. Treatment depends on the severity of the injury, and typically consists of rest, compression, and elevation to allow the affected ligament to heal.

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Founded in 2018, TRS Health is a team of like-minded healthcare practitioners from diverse backgrounds who are dedicated to improving the health of the community through a holistic health approach. We strive to bring healthcare services to both insured and uninsured clients in the Houston, Texas area.
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At TRS Health, we are dedicated to providing health services to both insured and uninsured clients. We provide patients access to affordable specialized care through exclusive partnerships with specialists and facilities in the area.
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